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Tax agents
Ngā kaikaute

The tax agent's role

Find out the role of a tax agent, how to apply, our obligations in maintaining a list of tax agents, how we decline an application or remove tax agents from the list, and who the approved advisor groups are.

Who is a tax agent?

Find out who is a tax agent and the advantages to you and your clients.

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How to apply to be a tax agent

Find out how to apply to be a tax agent and additional information that you will need to provide.

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List of tax agents

Find out about our legal obligations for maintaining a list of tax agents.

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Declining an application or removal from the list of tax agents

Find out about our criteria and processes for declining an application or removing a tax agent from the list.

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Approved advisor groups

Find out what an approved advisor group is and the current organisations that hold this status.

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Tax issues for a deceased client

This section will tell you what you need to know if you're finalising the tax and other financial affairs for a client who has died.

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